Different canoeing waters.Different canoeing waters.


You only have to look at the map to realise that Gränslandet is suitable for different canoeing trips. The large and irregular Lake Rogen and hundreds of other lakes and watercourses offer endless opportunities.

Short trips...

Many people choose to go canoeing in the small lakes around Käringsjön and perhaps continue to Lake Rogen. There are lots of alternatives, but on some stretches you have to carry your canoe. The long and narrow Lake Langtjønna between Feragen and Femunden offers overnight accommodation in old raftsmen’s “bua” huts and visits to the old timber flumes. Hävlingen is another popular starting point, from where you can travel further up the lake systems.

... or a really long trip

The most adventurous canoeists go all the way from Käringsjön to Feragen, via Rogen, Røa and Femunden. This trip is marked on some maps and offered by certain tour guides. But you must have plenty of time and be well prepared. It’s a fantastic trip for those who don’t mind carrying canoe and pack for long stretches, but definitely not for beginners. Along six kilometres of the river Røa, between Roasten and Femunden are large rapids where you have to carry the canoe. The water volume is often extremely high and there are treacherous sharp blasted rocks under the surface. Femunden is not suitable for open canoes. In rising winds it may be necessary to seek shelter for days or even weeks.

Kayaking on Lake Rogen.Kayaking on Lake Rogen.

Canoe on Lake Feragen. Photos: Naturcentrum AB.Canoe on Lake Feragen. Photos: Naturcentrum AB.

Boat ramp at Lake Hävlingen. Photo: Marcus Elmerstad.Boat ramp at Lake Hävlingen. Photo: Marcus Elmerstad.


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You can hire canoes...

... for example at Feragen, Käringsjön, Hävlingen and Langen.

You are not permitted to go canoeing...

... in the lake system around Övre Muggsjön and Övre Mysklan in Rogen Nature Reserve.

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Timber flumes…

… mean that you have to carry your canoe. It’s not possible to canoe in the old timber flumes in Langtjønna Protected Landscape.

The weather in the fells is unpredictable…

… and idyllic mirror water surface can rapidly turn into highly dangerous frothy waves. Avoid canoeing on Lake Femunden and take great care on Lake Rogen and other large lakes. Always keep close to the shore.