By the campfire. Photo: Marcus Elmerstad.By the campfire. Photo: Marcus Elmerstad.

Lightning fires

Of course, coffee tastes best when made over an open fire. And naturally, a camp fire raises the spirit and body temperature of tired walkers. Therefore it’s permitted to light fires in Gränslandet, but only in some places and under certain circumstances.

Four important rules of thumb

Regulations for open fires are complex. In Norway, different rules and dates apply in different areas. In Sweden, different regulations apply in the separate areas in Gränslandet. Below are some general rules that apply everywhere.

  • It’s not permitted to cut down living or dead trees or use fallen trunks as firewood!
  • Don’t build new fireplaces!
  • Use wood sparingly – leave enough for others!
  • Put the campfire out before you leave – it’s your responsibility to ensure the fire doesn’t spread!

Fire bans in Sweden and Norway

In Norway it’s not permitted to light fires in the forest from 15 April to 15 September. But you can light fires on the bare mountain. There are also two approved fireplaces which can be used during the fire ban period. One is located where the river Mugga discharges into Lake Femunden and the other at the Langtjønnbua hut.

The fire authorities in Sweden issue bans when there is a high fire risk. All forms of open fires are prohibited during a ban. Information about fire bans is published on the websites of county administrative boards and municipalities.

Coffee’s ready!Coffee’s ready!

Take care of our biological heritage. Dead trees must never be burned.Take care of our biological heritage. Dead trees must never be burned.

Photos: Naturcentrum AB.

Special regulations for certain areas

  • In Töfsingdalen National Park all lighting of fires is prohibited.

In the following areas it’s only permitted to light fires using the fire wood provided in prepared fireplaces:

  • In Rogen Nature Reserve around Bredåsjön, Rogen, Tandsjön, Abborrvikarna and Vingarna.
  • In Långfjället Nature Reserve around Hävlingen and Storån.
  • In Städjan-Nipfjället Nature Reserve around Burusjön.

These areas are shown on mountain map 1:50 000. You can also see them on the map »