Bull moose visiting in late winter.Bull moose visiting in late winter.

Moose - king of the bog

In winter, large groups of moose gather on the eastern side of Femunden where the snow cover is often thin. The moose migrate long distances to get here, all the way from the areas around Røros and Lake Aursunden. Many young pines have a distinct appearance, as a result of moose grazing the lower branches as far as they can reach.

You rarely see moose in other forests in Gränslandet since there is a lack of suitable food. Chances are bigger on the bogs or by a watercourse. Moose love aquatic plants and can stand for hours in waist-deep water munching away. They can even dive, if necessary. Moose is often called the king of the forest, but it’s just as much king of the bog. By spreading out its four toes, the moose can walk over marshland where people would sink through.

Moose-grazed pines in Femundsmarka.Moose-grazed pines in Femundsmarka.

Photos: Naturcentrum AB.