Old growth forest

Sparse pine forest with crooked giant pines is one of the typical features of Gränslandet. But you also find mountain birch and spruce forests. Even if the forest is old, it’s marked by both axes and saws.

Forest advancing up the mountains

After the ice age, the tree line was 400–500 metres higher up than it is today. But now it looks as if it is moving up again. Read more »

Pine forest and old pines

The symbol for Gränslandet is a windblown pine. And sometimes you may wonder whether you really are in a forest, since the trees are so far apart. Read more »

Dead and fallen trees

It’s strictly forbidden to burn dead and fallen trees. The dead wood is still alive! Read more »

Ancient spruces

There is little spruce forest in Gränslandet. But some individual spruces are extremely old.
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Forest fires

In the past, forest fires occurred around once every hundred years. Some dry summers were notorious for forest fires. Read more »

Timber felling

The large clearance around Rogen in the 1950s was the last to be carried out in the old-fashioned way, before forest roads and timber trucks arrived.
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