A fine boulder ridge. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.A fine boulder ridge. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.

Everyone likes boulder ridges

Many of the paths and trails in the mountains follow the crests of long ridges. When walking in the mountains, these are often nice places to stop, since the ridges may offer a dry place to sit and fine views over the surroundings.

There are many different kinds of long ridges in the mountains. A true boulder ridge, or esker, consists of well-sorted layers of sand, gravel and smooth stones. They were formed in tunnels under the inland ice, where meltwater rushed in immense ice rivers. The turbulent water carried with it large amounts of rocks, which were polished by abrasion. Where the river ran into the sea or a large lake the water calmed. Sand, gravel and stones sank to the bottom and formed a ridge. Boulder ridges are generally parallel to the ice flow.

A fine boulder ridge stretches from the northern side of Rogen along Reva to Revsjoen and Stormyråsen.