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Map of Gränslandet Langtjønna Protected Landscape Femundsmarka National Park Femundslia Protected Landscape Grøvelsjøen Nature Reserve Gutulia National Park Rogen Nature Reserve Långfjället Nature Reserve Töfsingdalen National Park Städjan-Nipfjället Nature Reserve

Map over Gränslandet

Here you can download a high resolution map of the entire Gränslandet area (PDF).

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The nine protected nature areas

Here you can read more about each area in Gränslandet.

  1. Langtjønna »
  2. Femundsmarka »
  3. Femundslia »
  4. Grøvelsjøen »
  5. Gutulia »
  6. Rogen »
  7. Töfsingdalen »
  8. Långfjället »
  9. Städjan-Nipfjället »