Lofjätåsen. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.Lofjätåsen. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.

Södra Lofjätåsen

Goats and mountain cattle are back grazing in the forests at Lofjätåsen in Städjan-Nipfjället Nature Reserve. Södra Lofjätåsen mountain holding has long been used by farms in the village Lillfjäten, but is now owned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and is leased to the host family. They live on the holding with their cattle during the summer months.

After grazing all day on the slopes of Lofjätåsen, the cattle return to the cattle shed in the evening of their own accord. Occasionally, the host family has to call them or blow in a birch-bark horn. Once home, they are milked by hand. The milk is well utilised – as is the custom on mountain holdings. The family at Lofjätåsen makes many different kinds of cheeses, soft whey cheese and butter. Among the wide selection of cheese is dravle – a goat’s cheese similar to the Italian soft ricotta cheese. It’s made according to a local tradition and is best enjoyed with cloudberry jam.

The host family holds courses and welcomes visitors at certain times, or by agreement. More information is available from the reception at Idre Fjäll.