Svartvika. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.Svartvika. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.


Svartvika Svartvika is located along the popular route between Langen and Ljøsnåvollen. Many who pass the grand farm are impressed by its beautiful location on a hill. The farm has been active since the 18th century, and before then it provided summer pasture for farms in Feragen.

The farm was important for people travelling in Femundsmarka. The farm often received visitors. Timber drivers to and from Røros and raftsmen sought a bed for the night. Sami staying in the area often rented accommodation in one of the buildings.

Svartvika was the last of the farms belonging to the copper works and was acquired by the state in 1958. It was located in an area without roads, which is why the farmers left in 1962. No-one lives here permanently now.