Nine protected nature areas

Gränslandet is actually a large continuous area of protected countryside. But protection is divided into nine different areas in Norway and Sweden. The nine areas are presented below. We start furthest south.

Langtjønna Protected Landscape

Walking trails and clear waters attract ramblers, fishermen and canoeists to Langtjønna Protected Landscape, but life was once very different here.
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Femundsmarka National Park

Between crooked giant pines and hidden lakes among a sea of boulders, experiences await you in Femundsmarka National Park. Ten thousand years ago, the inland ice retreated, leaving a desolate ancient-looking landscape. Read more »

Femundslia Protected Landscape

The forested slopes down to Lake Femunden are called Femundslia. You can get to this part of Gränslandet by boat, and it’s a good starting-point for extended trips. Read more »

Grøvelsjøen Nature Reserve

The mountain slopes around Lake Grøvelsjøen are striped. The Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus discovered this as early as 1734. In those days it was believed that the stripes were proof of how high the water had reached during the biblical Great Flood. Read more »

Gutulia National Park

Gutulia is the national park with silver-grey dead pines and straggly old spruces. In contrast to the untouched forest stands Gutulisetra – a mountain holding which has been tended by people and cattle since the 1750s.
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Gränslandet - Click on the map to enlarge

Rogen Nature Reserve

The landscape around the large Lake Rogen has a character of its own, with enormous boulders, countless small lakes, and lichen-clad old pines. Here you can walk or go canoeing for days without seeing clearings or roads.
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Töfsingdalen National Park

Töfsingdalen is the forgotten valley that all nature romantics dream about. Here golden eagles look down on desolate expanses of virgin forest, lush spruce forest, grey seas of boulders, rushing waters and small glittering tarns.
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Långfjället Nature Reserve

Långfjället Nature Reserve lives up to its name. You have to walk for days to reach the most remote parts, but there are also more accessible fells. Långfjället offers experiences for all tastes. Read more »

Städjan-Nipfjället Nature Reserve

Städjan and Nipfjället are two well-known mountains in Dalarna. They are located in one of Gränslandet’s most accessible nature reserves.
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Different forms of protection

In Gränslandet there are national parks, nature reserves and protected landscapes. They all have the same purpose – to protect valuable countryside. But Swedish and Norwegian national parks are not quite the same. Read more »

Did you know...

Gränslandet covers 2105 square kilometres.

Det är större än Sareks nationalpark i Sverige som är 1970 km2.

It’s larger than Sarek National Park in Sweden which covers 1970 square kilometres.

Hardangervidda National Park in Norway covers 3422 square kilometres.