Reindeer pastureland

Gränslandet is a Sami cultural landscape. Reindeer graze here and the area is a workplace for reindeer herding Sami.

Eight seasons

Climate and seasons have always played a significant role in Sami culture. The Sami reindeer herding year is based on eight seasons, included in the Sami language. Read more »

Sami cultural landscape

Sami people have lived in Gränslandet for a long time. This is a Sami cultural landscape, but the traces may be difficult to spot for an untrained eye.
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Sami villages and reindeer grazing districts

There are six Sami villages in Gränslandet, but a Sami village is not a village in the sense of a cluster of houses. Read more »

Don’t disturb the reindeer!

Reindeer graze in Gränslandet and the area is a workplace for reindeer herders. Frightened reindeer can stray far away and lose valuable energy. Reindeer are easily disturbed, and are particularly sensitive during April, May and June. This is the period before, during and after calving.

When you are in reindeer pastureland remember:

  • to always keep your dog on a leash!
  • that people and snowmobiles must give way to reindeer.
  • that if you see a reindeer herd on the move, you should sit down so that you don’t frighten the animals. If the reindeer are grazing peacefully, keep well away so that you don’t disturb them.


... is the Sami area that stretches across four countries, Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Sami have lived here since time immemorial.