Sign at Käringsjön. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.Sign at Käringsjön. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.

Scandinavia’s largest watercourse

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The small lakes around Rogen flow into the river Göta älv, which from source to sea is the longest watercourse in Sweden and Scandinavia. Water from innumerable small lakes drains into Rogen and then flows on through the rivers Røa and Grøtåa to Lake Femunden. From Femunden, the river Femundselva flows south to the rivers Trysilelva and Klarälven. The water eventually reaches the river Göta älv.

But Lake Femunden also drains to the north, through a timber flume. The water flows on to the river Feragselva and eventually reaches the river Glomma, the most water-rich river in Norway and Scandinavia.

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Burma, E. 1987: Dalälven från havet till källorna.

Lake Myskelsjön drains into the river Mysklan, which flows into the river Tännån and then on to the river Ljusnan.
Hävlingen and Storån flow into the river Dalälven.