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Welcome to Gränslandet

In the centre of Scandinavia, in the borderlands between Sweden and Norway, is a large and exciting nature area. More than 2 000 square kilometres of protected countryside. Here you find rare animals and plants, ancient trees and remarkable boulder terrain. Vast expanses of fells, old growth forests and crystal clear waters offer experiences for all your senses. We call it Gränslandet!

Many people regard Gränslandet as an untouched, desolate and remote wilderness. A roadless country, far from the roar of civilisation, where only the sounds of wind and water interrupt the infinite silence. A country where the desolate call of the black-throated diver can be heard in the light summer night. A country where you can spend weeks without seeing another human being.

But Gränslandet also holds much more accessible mountain landscapes, where hundreds of people come walking every day. And the statement about untouched wilderness needs qualifying. People have lived in Gränslandet for thousands of years. Many have lived from hunting, fishing and reindeer keeping. Others were lumberjacks or raftsmen. Some have even managed to farm.

Welcome to Gränslandet and to this home page. Click your way around to find out more about one of the most exciting nature areas in Scandinavia. And more important, come out and experience Gränslandet for yourself!

With greetings,
Jämtland and Dalarna county administrative boards
Hedmark and Sør-Trøndelag county governors