Transport of firewood with helicopter i Långfjället

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On Friday, April 20, firewood will be brought out to cabins and fireplacecs in Långfjället using a helicopter. The work will last all day. The summer park, just south of Grövelsjöns mountain station, will be turned off so that cars are not damaged.


The cabins are open

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The STF cabins in Rogen (Rogen cabin and Skedbro cabin) are open till the 27th of September.

Go now and enjoy fall in Rogen!


Photo: Naturcentrum AB

No open water

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It may be June, but the lakes in Rogen are still covered with ice. Thus, it is NOT advisable to go canoeing just yet. 


Spring is in the air!

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The staff of the County Administrative Board is on the look-out. Spring may come at any time now!


Photo: The County Administrative Board of Jämtland.

Winter trails in Rogen-Långfjället

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Now are all snow mobile trails in Rogen-Långfjället ready for your visit! On the photos below the trails are being prepared by the personnel of the County administrative board of Jämtland.


Photo: County Administrative Board/Roger Myhr.